The Baltimore County, MD Chapter of Jack and Jill of America,
Incorporated was born through the concept of Mother Gloria Marrow.
She sought to fulfill the organization’s mission and represent a growing
African-American population in the suburbs of Baltimore so she
voluntarily left the Baltimore City chapter of which she had been a
member since 1979 to begin a Baltimore County interest group. She
recruited several mothers who were interested in becoming members of
Jack and Jill and lived in Baltimore County. By the time the request for
chartering was officially drafted there were 22 mothers that formed the
Chartering Group. By 1987 the group was in the Chartering Orientation
stage. In July of 1988 at the National Convention in San Francisco, these
forward thinking women were voted into membership of Jack and Jill of
America, Inc.

On October 1, 1988, the Baltimore County, MD Chapter of Jack and Jill
of America, Inc. was given their Charter membership and its’ Officers
were installed. The Chartering Ceremonies, reception and program was
held at the Holiday Inn-Belmont.

The First Officers were:
* Gloria R. Marrow, President
* Bernadette Randall, Vice President
* Sheila Whitaker, Program Director
* Linda Hollis, Sergeant at Arms
* Phyllis King, Recording Secretary
* Winnie Fay Thomas, Corresponding Secretary
* Barbara Jones, Chaplain
* Gloria R. Marrow, Historian
* Georgia Diggins, Treasurer
* Georgia Simpson, Financial Secretary




·         Past President Robin Ott apponted Eastern Regional Associates Chair

·         2014 National Conference – Chapter recognized for serving the largest number of meals in the Eastern Region.

·         2015 – 2016 - Eleven tweens and teens recognized by President Obama for their outstanding community service.

·         Jaden C. Thornton won the 2015 Division I Southern Cluster Oratorical Competition.

·         Chapter publication, The Holiday Party, written by Chrissy Thornton featured in 2015 Jack & Jill Bedtime Stories.

·         2016 National Conference - Baltimore County Teens won 1st place in the National Literacy PSA Competition.

·         Nia Jolivet authored a short story published in Jack and Jill’s book, Super Chronicles.

·         Karen Heyward-West appointed to the position of 2016 – 2018 Eastern Regional Strategic Planning Chair.

·         Jaden C. Thornton appointed to the position of 2016 -2017 Eastern Regional Teen Legislative Chair.

·         Sharonne Bonardi appointed as a 2016 – 2018 member of the Eastern Region Legislative Committee.

·         $10,000 National Jack & Jill Foundation Grant awarded to community partner, Night of Peace Shelter.

·         Grade Group 5 Legislative activity recognized on Eastern Regional programming webinar.

·         Kaili Beverly appointed to the position of 2017 – 2018 Eastern Regional Teen Chaplain.

·         Grade Group 4 authored, illustrated, and published, The Life and Cells of Henrietta Lacks.

·         Karen Heyward-West appointed to the position of 2018-2019 Regional Community Service Chair.

·         Marcus Smith elected as 2018-2019 Eastern Regional Teen President. 

·         Gavel Club awarded 3rd place recognition at 2018 National Convention.

·         Chapter awarded Reading Corner Grant for Night of Peace Shelter through Jack and Jill Foundation.

·         2018 Name Change to “Greater Baltimore County, MD” Chapter.

·         2018 Celebration of Chapter’s 30th Anniversary.

·         2018 National Conference - 3rd place National Gavel Club Award

·         Karen Heyward-West elected as 2019 - 2021 Eastern Regional Foundation Member At Large

·         Kennedi Smith elected as 2019 - 2020 Eastern Regional Teen Foundation Chair

·         Chrissy M. Thornton elected to 2019 - 2021 Eastern Regional Nominating Committee

·         Chrissy M. Thornton appointed as 2019 - 2021 Eastern Regional Teen Advisor

·         2019 Regional Conference - 1st place Eastern Region Programming Award

·         Melissa Benford appointed as 2019 - 2020 member of the Eastern Region Education Committee

·         Kennedi Smith appointed Chair of 2020 - 2021 Eastern Region Teen Task Force

·         2020 National Conference - 2nd place National Best of the Best Programming Award

·         2020 National Conference - 1st place Eastern Regional Programming Award


Karen Heyward West

2019 - 2021

Eastern Regional Foundation Member At Large



Chrissy M. Thornton

2019 - 2021

Eastern Regional Teen Advisor