Greater Baltimore County, MD Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. presents Money Matters Mondays! Financial literacy gives children a deep understanding of the five key areas around money - earning, saving, spending wisely, investing, and donating. It helps kids develop core values about effective money management that will help them make smart money decisions and develop financial responsibility. 

Our Programming Committee, Education Committee, and Public Service Committees have collaborated to offer this monthly webinar as a resource to the community in partnership with several local elementary schools.

The Night of Peace Family Shelter at Salem United Methodist Church in Windsor Mill, MD provides temporary shelter for families with children. Majority of the children at the Night of Peace shelter come from Baltimore City Public Schools.  During their 1-3 months stay at Night of Peace, some children continue to attend their home school however, some will have to transfer to another school system. The reading corner will be designed to make children aware of the various genres of books, to promote interaction with books through the extensive use, explore imagination, develop their speech, and remain connected to learning.


This particular reading corner will be designed in a unique format to benefit the transient population at Night of Peace. Children will have meaningful engagement with reading materials.  This will be initiated and strengthened by providing opportunities to read according to their age, context, and interest.  All materials will be organized by the grade level and/or reading ability of the children.  There will be storage systems that will allow children to keep books in their living areas and provide a "Reading-on-the Go" bag for children to take upon their departure from the shelter.  The goal is to take what would be a difficult time for the family and introduce literature to children as early as possible to ensure kindergarten readiness and on-grade level skills.  The center will not be limited to just books, but the Chapter will equip the corner with paper, pencils, and drawing supplies for pre-emerging readers located at the shelter. The Chapter will support Night of Peace to ensure books are easily accessible, all the children have complete freedom of choosing from a wide range of books, and there are creative displays throughout the school year.


The location of the shelter is not in close proximity to a local public library. Therefore, the Chapter will also establish a Jack and Jill Neighborhood Free Library for the shelter residence and the surrounding community.  The library will house a variety of genres and focus on an array of cultures to ensure all children feel included and see positive role models.  The lending library will be located in an area outside of the shelter that will provide easy access for young children in the community.

Our Daily Bread is Maryland’s hot meal program, serving more than a quarter of a million meals to the hungry of Baltimore City each year. They serve nutritious lunches every day of the year and breakfast to seniors and individuals with disabilities each weekday. The Teens of the Greater Baltimore County Chapter consistently help serve at the facility each year. 

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